Welcome to the Hofstra PRSSA Blog!

Thank you for visiting our first blog! We’re so excited to get started. This inaugural post will (hopefully) answer any questions you may have.

What is it?

The is a blog for you and by you–our PRSSA members. The topics will include anything pertaining to the industry, from networking and professional development to internships and career options. If you are looking for information or advice, this is the place for you. It will also be a great way for prospective PR students to get an inside look into what Hofstra PRSSA does and what it can offer.

Who writes it?

Like I  mentioned earlier, this is a blog for you and by you. So the posts in this blog will all be written by our PRSSA members (and maybe an occasional guest blogger). It will consist of real stories and insights from current PR students. Whether they had a really great internship experience, or they were really inspired by what they learned in a meeting, they can document it and add it to the collection of information.

How do you submit content?

To submit content, please contact one of the executive board members or send your draft to prssa.hofstra@gmail.com. We will serve as your second set of eyes to look it over. Then, we will post it when the time comes. Easy peasy!

Why should you contribute?

This is a way for you to be an active member of Hofstra PRSSA and have your voice heard by the entire club (and hopefully more)! Plus, we’re PR people. We like to write, it’s just what we do. And who doesn’t want to get their work published? Share it on Facebook, Tweet the link and post it on you LinkedIn. It will look great when you can show a professional- and possible employer- that you contributed to the chapter blog. Gold star for you 🌟


Please try to keep your posts between 200 and 700 words, and it is encouraged that you include links and photos to keep the content exciting! The topics should be PR related and either informational or experiential. Content can be submitted by  members no more than bi-weekly so that the rest of the members also get the opportunity to contribute. But feel free to send new content every other week! We want the blog to stay active, which means that posts will go up as often as possible. It all depends on how much the members choose to participate. We are very excited to hear what you have to say!

Here is the link to the blog: https://hofstraprssa.wordpress.com/

I would suggest bookmarking it so that you can check it regularly and see all of the exciting content to come!

Blog ideas that you provided:

  • Personal internship stories and how you got there/ Intern spotlight.
  • Recap of the debate and how PR was used to promote Hofstra.
  • Media resume dos and don’t.
  • Press release about why Hofstra is the best university.
  • Graduate committee.
  • Cision (and other tools) and how to use them.
  • Professional experience besides internships.


Now you just need to reach out and start blogging!

-Briana Cunningham PRSSA Chapter President



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