PR at the Crossroads of America

We’re not in Nassau County anymore.

On the morning of Friday, October 21, six members of Hofstra PRSSA and advisor Jeffrey Morosoff flew into Indianapolis, Indiana for #PRSSANC. The 2016 PRSSA National Conference featured speakers Holly Wagner (Vera Bradley), Courtney Zemke (General Motors), Sabrina List (500 Festival, Inc.) and more. A weekend filled with business attire, inspiring speakers, networking and exploring what Indianapolis had to offer, this is what a few attendees took away from it…

“This was my second time attending PRSSA’s National Conference, and once again I was blown away by the number of ambitious attendees that surrounded me. Coming from all over the country, public relation’s top students were all gathered under one roof to learn more about the industry and grow as future professionals. Although I was aware that they will soon be my competition in the PR world, I was not discouraged. Instead, I was inspired by the enthusiasm, passion and great ideas that each and every one of them had. It lit a spark that reminded me why I am going to school for PR and motivated me to keep bettering myself in the profession.” –Briana Cunningham, President

(From left) Pakelody Cheam, Melissa Cooke, Danielle Drop, Jasmine Cole Marrow, Ashley Zachariah, Briana Cunningham and Jeffrey Morosoff ready to take on a day of PR development.

“I was able to meet the woman who planned the 2012 Super Bowl. I spoke with the members of the PR team for Warner Bros. Television. I watched a representative from Vera Bradley go step-by-step through their re-branding campaign that took place this past summer. I networked with amazing professionals. I got to meet and mingle with students from across the country. Most importantly, I was able to spend time with some amazing friends from right here at Hofstra.”  – Jasmine Cole Marrow, Director of External Affairs


The conference not only helped PRSSA members create professional bonds, but friendships too.

“I think one of the best ways to become successful is to surround yourself with those who already are, so naturally, I felt incredibly lucky to be in the presence of so many inspiring peers, PR professionals and the life-saving staff of the Marriott’s Starbucks. I particularly loved (Nebo co-f0under) Brian Easter’s presentation on engaging your internal audience. As cheesy as it sounds, I left the room feeling refreshed and ready to make the world a better place. It’s so important to realize that optimism/idealism does not mean something is unrealistic and he helped me remember that. If anyone has a chance to hear him (or anyone from Nebo) speak, I highly recommend it.” –Pakelody Cheam, Director of Development


Next year, the PRSSA National Conference will be held in Austin, TX.


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