Planning The Big Event

Hofstra students with Felicia Colavito from KTCPr.

By: Martin Bradshaw

My name is Martin Bradshaw. I’m 20-years-old and a sophomore public relations major here at Hofstra. This is my second year in PRSSA and my first year on the Special Event Committee.

Being on the PRSSA Special Events Committee has been incredibly rewarding. Getting to prepare for the annual networking dinner helped me gain a great deal of invaluable experience. I got the opportunity to network with so many professionals and Hofstra alumni in the public relations industry.

In preparation for this year’s networking dinner, the Special Events Committee met to discuss the event. We went over the theme, decorations, brochures, invitations, gift bags, and much more. My task was to create the slideshow presentation to play throughout the dinner that would feature all the guest professionals. I also helped Cheyenne, the director of special events, go out and shop for all the supplies we needed for the event.15002351_1436566809706461_3848060645338970830_o After shopping, we met with other committee members to handcraft the decorations and gifts that we would be presenting to the professionals. Our quest to prepare the dinner turned into an all-day affair and a great bonding experience for the committee. This, combined with the setup for the dinner, allowed me to get a better sense of the work, time, and energy that goes into making events like this possible.

At the dinner, I got the chance to speak with professionals, many of whom were once Hofstra students. Interestingly enough, some of them found their current jobs from the same networking dinner in past years. These professionals had great advice on getting started with a career in PR and gave out lots of information about applying for internships. It was such a great experience and is a great way to network and start building a career and I’m so glad that I was a part of making it all happen.